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Total Number of Proposals: 110
School    Team    Project Title
Albuquerque Academy    2    Anticipating the Spread of Ebola
Albuquerque Academy    3    Development of More Efficient Fusion Reactors Through Computer Modeling
Albuquerque Academy    4    Predator-prey model
Albuquerque Academy    5    Modelling the Conformations of Compounds
Aldo Leopold High    6    The Destruction of Antimatter In The Creation of The Universe
Aldo Leopold High    7    The Multiverse
Aldo Leopold High    8    Alternative Energy From Food
Aspen Elementary    10    Solving the Rubik's Cube
Capital High    12    KABOOM! Computerized Simulator for Nano-Chemotherapy
Centennial High    13    Distribution of self-reliant energy in Southern New Mexico and Dona Ana County
Centennial High    14    Comparing heuristic running times of integer factorization algorithms using elliptic curve functions
Centennial High    15    Volcanic Egress
Centennial High    16    Immigration's Effects on Communities in Southern New Mexico
Centennial High    17    The Effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse on the United States Society
CEPi    18    Just Scrub It!
Choices Alternative School    19    Illusionomics
Deming High    1019    Astronomical Bodies and Gravity
Deming High    1020    Ebola Outbreak in a large city
Desert Academy    20    Hacking into the School's Servers
Desert Academy    21    The Big Bang: Astral Expansion and Fusion
Down to Earth School    22    One Day a Week: Parking Restrictions on Bullard Street
East Mountain High    23    Too much CO2 not enough ice
Freedom High    30    The Effect of Inbreeding on Small Populations
Gadsden Mid    31    EBOLA OUTBREAK
Jackson Middle School    32    Can an open Wi-Fi network be secure
Jackson Middle School    33    Don’t Speak Bullying
Jackson Middle School    34    A Tumors Life At A Glance
Jackson Middle School    36    Ants in a drought
La Cueva High    37    A Detailed Computational Model of Tree Growth
Las Cruces High    38    Accuracy of Gravity in Video Game Environments
Las Cruces YWiC    40    Monitoring brain waves to determine maximum workload
Las Cruces YWiC    41    Prenatal Peanut Allergies
Las Cruces YWiC    42    A Low Cost Solution to Detect Sleep Apnea
Las Cruces YWiC    43    Modeling the Metastatic Process
Las Cruces YWiC    108    An Interactive System for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children
Los Alamos High    46    Number Theory Applied to RSA Encryption
Los Alamos High    47    Controiling An Oil Spill
Los Alamos High    48    The Simulation of Trash Vortices and Their Decomposition in Ocean Gyres
Los Alamos High    49    The Next Step in the Printing Evolution
Los Alamos High    50    Food Distribution
Los Alamos High    51    ASL Detection through Google Glass
Los Alamos High    52    Network Modeling of Distributed Neurological Systems
Los Alamos High    53    Practical Utilization and Fabrication of Refreshable Braille Displays
Los Alamos High    54    How effective are various preparedness measures meant to increase the safety in schools
Los Alamos High    55    Traffic Optimization
Los Alamos High    57    Quantifying Literature's Quality
Los Alamos Mid    59    Is New Mexico's Climate Changing?
Los Alamos Mid    61    An app that will encourage kids to eat healthy:
Los Alamos Mid    62    Simulating an Ebola Outbreak in a Small Town
Los Alamos Mid    63    Spread of viruses in computer networks
Los Alamos Mid    64    Effects of Hacked Cars on Urban Traffic
Los Lunas High    65    Survival of the Fittest
Los Lunas High    66    Social Media and Cyber Bullying
Los Lunas High    68    Test Fuels
Melrose High    69    Pasture-ization 2.0
Melrose High    70    Aggressive Virus Spreads (“Zombie”)
Melrose High    72    Cross-Contamination
Melrose High    74    It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Silage!!!
Melrose Mid    78    The Fishing Hole
Melrose Mid    79    Arrow Aerodynamics
Melrose Mid    80    All's Fair
Melrose Mid    81    basketball
Mesa Mid    83    Running From the Fire
Mesa Mid    84    Stranger Danger!
Mesa Mid    85    Ocean oil spills propasal
Mesa Mid    86    Ebola transfer
Miyamura High    89    How Motivation Can Affect Exercise
Miyamura High    90    The Rate of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Different Types of Vehicles
Monte del Sol    91    Using a Concentrated Heat System to Shock p53 Protein into Directing Cancer Cells into Apoptosis
Monte del Sol    92    Containing the Spread of the Ebola Virus
Monte del Sol    93    Manipulating Circuit Boards to Maximize Solar Output to Charge Batteries with PWM
New Mexico Military Institute    100    Blastfront Full Assault
New Mexico Military Institute    101    Mechanical replication of Biological Motion.
New Mexico Military Institute    102    Chess Ops
New Mexico Military Institute    103    What do you need to ride for ten miles.
New Mexico School for the Arts    105    Habitability of Exoplanets
NexGen Academy    107    Construction of Termite Mounds
Picacho Mid    109    How did the Ebola Virus spread?
Picacho Mid    110    The Ontake Volcano in Japan
Picacho Mid    111    How can we prevent and find a cure for West Nile?
Picacho Mid    112     The percentage of job will be taken away in the future?
Picacho Mid    114    Are kids using thier cellphones right?
Picacho Mid    115    Immigration
Pojoaque High    117    Killing the offspring of malaria mosquitoes
Portales High    118    Calculating an Optimal Route for Navigating Through Traffic
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    120    Teachers Taking Sick Days
Sangre de Christo Homeschool    122    Automating Forensic Graphology
Santa Fe High    123    How Does Starting Position Affect Race Results
Sat Sci Math Acad    124    The Carbon Footprint Perspective: 400,350, and you
Sat Sci Math Acad    1021    Slowing the Spread of Malaria
School of Dreams Academy    125    Computational Analysis of Potential Rainforest Monoculture Due to Slash-and-Burn Techniques Phase II
School of Dreams Academy    126    Counter-Intuitive Strategy for Application in Game Theory
School of Dreams Academy    127    Eye Gaze Behavior in Autonomous Sociable Robots
School of Dreams Academy    128    Aerospike
School of Dreams Academy    129    The Wind Power Car (WBC)
School of Dreams Academy    130    The Future of Technology
School of Dreams Academy    132    Red Light Green Light
South Valley Prep    134    Dating change
St Michaels    135    The Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies into Spiral Galaxies
St Michaels    136    Collision Detection Algorithms Used in Gaming Software
St Pius X Hs    137    Digital Aristotle
Taos Charter    138    Enterovirus-D68
Taos High    139    Controling third world ebola outbreaks
Taos High    140    K619N and Dopamine Uptake
Taos High    141    Talking Trash
Taos High    142    Variable environmental effects on Black Mold growth in homes.
Taos Mid    143    Oxysynthesis
The Masters Program    144    How Enviornment Impacts OCD
The Masters Program    145    Air Pollution and Its Correlation To Population Growth
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